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A YouTube Creator Explains How Much Money She Earns Per 1,000 Views — And What She's Made From Videos With 200,000 And 250,000 Views

Brianna Nichole is a full-time teacher and a part-time YouTube creator who earns money each month from the ads that play in her videos.

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An Influencer Says She's Making As Much Money From Amazon As From YouTube. She Breaks Down Her Strategy

Amazon runs a program for social-media influencers in which they earn money by promoting products to their followers.

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How Can You Make Money With Instagram?

nstagram , which began as an app to share photos and stories with your friends, has experienced great success since its inception, in part due to its acquisition by the Facebook group. Year after year its popularity increases. Instagram is not only useful for sharing photos and videos, it also has a number of job opportunities and offers a platform for small and large entrepreneurs to share their talents.

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